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     The 1861 trip that led Henry David Thoreau & Horace Mann, Jr., from Massachusetts to Minnesota


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Henry David Thoreau

Horace Mann, Jr.

Map of the Route

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Radio Appearance

On June 21, 2011, Corinne Smith visited the Chef Jeff & Jeff Show at the WRMN-AM radio studio in Elgin, Illinois.  The topic of the conversation was Henry David Thoreau's train ride through northern Illinois and his entire Journey West.  You can hear a podcast of the interview through the link below.  The segment starts at about 8:25 minutes in and lasts until about 33:14.  Jeff Myers is the interviewer.  Chef Jeff Turner chimes in later, but his microphone isn't turned up as high.  It was a fun time.

              Click here to access the WRMN-AM podcast.

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